Criminal Defense/Traffic Law

Criminal Law

Getting arrested and facing criminal charges is very intimidating. Our attorneys will help you throughout this overwhelming process. We will analyze your case and use the law to formulate a sound legal strategy to obtain the best result for you. By using our vast litigation experience we have won trials, had charges dismissed, and minimized sentencing for our clients.

Our attorneys will handle misdemeanor and felony charges including:

Immigration and Nationality Law

Criminal Law

Our firm is proud to work with the Immigrant community. Whether you need to appear before an immigration judge, want to become a legal permanent resident, or want to become a U.S. citizen, do not go at it alone. Immigration law is complex and filled with pitfalls. It is in your interest to consult with us before filing for any immigration benefit or appearing before an immigration judge.

Our attorneys can help you obtain immigration benefits from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and Immigration Court including:

Family Law

Criminal Law

Family law problems usually involve various issues that can take a long time to resolve. Our attorneys understand that dealing with family law issues can be emotionally tolling. This is why our attorneys will provide you with legal options that will protect your rights under the law, and they will do so in the most time-efficient manner that they possibly can. Tinajero & Morales, P.C. will provide you with competent representation in areas that include:

Residential Real Estate

Criminal Law

Buying or selling a home? This process involves several other parties whose interests conflict with yours. It is important that as soon as you enter a contract for the purchase or sale of a home that you submit it right away to an experienced attorney for review. There are always important contractual rights that must be given immediate attention so that you do not forfeit them along the way. Our attorneys will assist you through a residential real estate transaction from the time the contract is executed through the time of closing always keeping your best interest in mind.

Personal Injury & Worker's Compensation

Criminal Law

Accidents happen. Sometimes they occur due to the negligence of others and sometimes they occur because of inherent risks involved in your work. If you are involved in an accident the law may entitle you to compensation for your injury. When it comes to personal injury and worker's compensation cases Tinajero & Morales, P.C. is proud to work with attorney Francisco Botto and his legal team. Attorney Botto will provide you with swift and aggressive legal representation.

For your convenience he will meet with you at our office. Please visit his web site for more information at